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5 Things I Wish I Could Tell my Teacher

DSC_0255 DSC_0866By:Maytal Espino

“Dr. Fard you’re throwing chocolate at me, but I don’t think its sincere, I think you just want to throw chocolate at my face.” -Anonymous

Shasta College is filled with teachers that have different methods of teaching. Some do a good job, and some flop. The website “Rate My Professors” can tell you what teachers are good and which aren’t. But don’t you just wish you could tell a teacher how you really feel? When starting this, I thought there was going to be a lot of negative comments. However, I was surprised to find that the majority of my peers comments were positive.

“I would tell my psych teacher: thank you for presenting certain topics with honesty and no judgment,” says first year student Elijah Abbott. Getting a great teacher the first semester is always a great boost of optimism to look forward for the rest of the year.

“Mr. Tate in anthropology does a really good job of making things interesting for the students,” says student Callie Gulack,  “He has an outgoing personality so he really relates things well with the students to help learn.”

Other comments from students were not so forgiving,

“I would tell them to think about how everything they’re saying makes no sense.” According to a student whom remains anonymous. “My teacher would go off on random tangents about things that don’t even pertain to our class and then expect us to remember a little sentence that would be major on a test.”

Another anonymous said that his art class was fun. He would like to see better communication, though. He also talked about his math class in which he said “Sticking to actually say what they’re going to do.” **This does not make sense. Please consider revising… Did you/he mean “[It would be nice if my instructor would] stick to what they actually say they’re going to do”?

An interesting way to counter this article is to see what the teachers think about the students. Maybe next week. But for now the comments from the students should be used as advice for the teachers. Although some are harsh, the students still appreciate what the teachers do for them.

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