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The Quick Cure for Writing Headaches: The Shasta College Writing Center

Richard Woulfe Shasta College Lance In the recent re-accreditation of Shasta College, accreditation evaluators were generous in their praise of the colleges’ student support services. In particular, they were especially impressed with SC’s Writing Center. Located on the bottom floor of the 700 building, the Writing Center has become a real hub on campus, with students flocking to the center at all hours of ...

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by Ryan Loughrey Imagine growing up nearly deaf, unable to understand your parents or your friends. For artist Pilar Celene Low, this was a reality. Her art is currently on display in the Art Building, (the 300 building), and will be for only one more week. Recently, she came and spoke the students and community members at Shasta College. People who had only read about her or seen her artwork now had a firs ...

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Spotlight on Veterans

Spotlight on Veterans By Shannon Koga     The Veteran’s Club at Shasta College provides an honorable and charitable service to its students. We interviewed one of its contributing members. Ernesto Jose Perez Jr.   Ernesto Perez Jr. served in the Navy as a ship serviceman and Master at Arms. He says, “I’ve been all over the world. I’ve been to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, England. My ...

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