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George Kutras: A Shasta College Legacy

Richard Woulfe Shasta College Lance The Shasta College community lost a great friend over the holiday break, possibly the college's greatest friend ever, with the passing of former President George Kutras, who died at age 89 at the Oak Rest retirement home on Jan. 20th.   A 52-year employee of the college, Kutras joined the history department in 1951 and also coached the basketball team from 1951-52 to ...

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Scott Yates: Teacher Feature

written by David Bradley Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference – Robert Frost   People, like electricity, seek the path of least resistance. An established trail offers the comfort in the knowledge that many a weary traveler has passed this way enroute to whatever adventure destiny has in store for them. While it's far easier to follo ...

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Teacher Feature: Peter Young

written by Shannon Koga     Everyone’s life is a journey, a compelling, hopeful, and at times, heartbreaking, adventure. Dr. Peter Young is a professor here at Shasta College and has devoted much of his life and career in psychology to understanding others and providing a much-needed ear to those teetering along their paths. In his spare time, Dr. Young is a fan of both logic puzzles and sports. B ...

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Kathryn Gessner: Poet, Professor

by Shannon Koga   Northern California dried up like a rotten prune. Lakes began to lower like draining bathwater, snow melted from mountains, and during the month of January, Kathryn Gessner picked up her pen and transformed every inspirational, frightening heat wave into a book of poetry. Scrub Jays in Lavender, her first published poetry compilation, went to print by Finishing Line Press this year. I ...

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The Man Behind the Curtain: Robert Soffian

by Derek Yorton           Robert Soffian is an inspired modern artist, a director of multiple plays and acts of theatre, but more importantly he was the main driving force for the Shasta College Theatre Department. Soffian moved from the east coast and began working at Shasta College in 1986. He started to shape the minds of his student through the implication of classical, contemporary, and controversial o ...

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Teacher Feature: Kevin Fox

Written by Dominic Mallari Teacher Feature: Kevin Fox (503) 453-6949   Although neither of his parents had degrees, Mr. Fox's family really valued education. Even at a young age, he understood the importance of going to school and doing well in his classes. "Education liberates us all, frees us all. I think it makes us truly equal in the society, education empowers us. Math education has been a 'gatewa ...

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5 Things I Wish I Could Tell my Teacher

By:Maytal Espino "Dr. Fard you're throwing chocolate at me, but I don’t think its sincere, I think you just want to throw chocolate at my face." -Anonymous Shasta College is filled with teachers that have different methods of teaching. Some do a good job, and some flop. The website "Rate My Professors" can tell you what teachers are good and which aren't. But don’t you just wish you could tell a teacher how ...

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