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Yoga and What You’ve Been Doing

written by Sarah Ray   As a young adult, actively pursuing life goals (College etc.) it is necessary to begin self reflection and to learn how to release stress, and cultivate inner happiness. As we grow older, we quickly find that people cannot always ease or worries or give us the love and peace we truly need. The practice of yoga can be valuable in many ways, during these times of transition from yo ...

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Elias Nesser: Photographer

 written by Shannon Koga Light reflects off the pathways. It glints in the dew drops of the mowed lawns. Shasta College is beautiful and someone needs to capture said beauty. Elias Nesser uses his camera to capture the side of our town and our school that we would otherwise miss. A graphic design major and photographer, Elias Nesser is the first to have an art show in the library. His photographs hung tall ...

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How to prepare for the college application season

  Written by Allison Place, photographed by Elias Nesser Every student has felt the inexplicable stress that comes with applying for college. We have to write essays, request letters of recommendation, fill out tedious personal information, and file our FAFSA to get financial aid. That being said though, we have provided you with some tips to conquer the college application season. 1.    Start writing ...

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The Health Center

Written and photographed by Jenny Brewer   The joys of the changing season of fall at Shasta College include lovely rainy days and the crunch of leaves while walking to class. However, as the Starks would warn, “Winter is coming.” Chilly wintertime brings along the-oh-so-dreadful common cold. Every student can attest to the embarrassment of hacking up a lung during lecture or blowing loudly into a tiss ...

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The Artists Among Us: Tawny J. Goodwine & Tamara Murphy

 written by Jasmine Malone   1.    How and when did you get involved in art?   I have been making various forms of art since I was a child. It started with drawing and stop motion videos my brother and I would make. Into my teens I focused on painting and various forms of sculpture, generally involving the human figure or landscapes. My main introduction into photography was in 2010 in Shasta Coll ...

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Intercultural Night

The 11th annual Intercultural night was characterized by energetic dancing, delicious food, exuberant students, and perhaps most of all, strangers smiling at strangers.  It was an event where truly no matter who you are, as defined by age, gender, sexual orientation, and most importantly, cultural identity, you were respected. The whole atmosphere in the campus student center was vibrant and of carefree cel ...

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Earth Day

by Ryan Loughrey   On April 22nd, 2014, students gathered at the Shasta College Quad, and indeed, on campuses around the world, to celebrate the 44th annual Earth Day and to reaffirm their pledge to honor and respect the world we live on.   The event kicked off with a small speech by Shasta College Instructor Randy Reed, who gave a brief history of the event as well as a forecast of the day’s even ...

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