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The Artists Among Us: Tawny J. Goodwine & Tamara Murphy

 written by Jasmine Malone   1.    How and when did you get involved in art?   I have been making various forms of art since I was a child. It started with drawing and stop motion videos my brother and I would make. Into my teens I focused on painting and various forms of sculpture, generally involving the human figure or landscapes. My main introduction into photography was in 2010 in Shasta Coll ...

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The Tassel is Worth the Hassle

By Jenny Brewer   Graduation is a feat. A hard earned moment when it finally all seems worthwhile. Suddenly the stress of the first milestone has passed and the moment of celebration is present!   On the evening of May 23, at 7pm The Shasta College Memorial Stadium Football Field will be filled with the accomplished graduates and proud family and friends of Shasta College’s Class of 2014.   T ...

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Cesar Chavez Day of Service

  In order to pay homage to Cesar Chavez, perhaps the most well-known Latino American social activist, a group of students organized by Heather Wylie participated in a “Day of Service.” Students and faculty members congregated at Whiskeytown Recreation Area on a foreboding Saturday morning, to work at their designated places. Members of the National Park Service (NPS) led each team to their prospective ...

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The Knights Joust Back

by Shannon Koga March 13th, Shasta College students went about their day normally, slapping vending machines, powering through note-taking, and rushing to their classes. But in the quad, an impenetrable bubble formed, locking all who dared to enter in a time-travelling vortex straight to Medieval Times. And man, was it authentic. The SCA—Society for Creative Anachronism Club—joined forces with the off-campu ...

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Festival Highlights Local Talent

by Ryan Loughrey   “Any dream you have is not meaningless”- advice from Colleen McShay. Colleen McShay is one of many local artists who submitted and won accolades from the Sixth Annual Sundial Film Festival. Her film, revolving around the character Alice and other classic fairy tale heroines, encourages people to dream, and won second prize for narrative films. The event brought people from the north ...

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Stressed Out: a review

by Shannon Koga Shasta College has a multitude of Student Success Workshops, all focusing on the most basic computer skills to tips and tricks to improving both your academic and personal lives. One such workshop is the Stress Reduction workshop, run by communications professor Crystal Hilton. The workshop begins by identifying stress. It’s unique to every individual—some people receive bodily tension, migr ...

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Hidden Heroes: Athletic Trainers

[caption id="attachment_1705" align="alignnone" width="300"] photo from[/caption] By Matt Brockman It’s a well-known fact that us as Americans love sports; we thrive on the competition, and competition is what motivates us to be better than what we were before. It’s also widely known that most sports have a very serious injury rate. Who do the athletes go to when they get hurt? When someth ...

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