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Men’s Soccer slaughtered by Lassen

by Patrick Carr October 16th October 16th: The final score was 10-0, and it was not a game of american football; it was a soccer game and the Shasta College men’s soccer team was not on the right end of that spectrum. Lassen College brought their talented, mainly foreign roster of 38 players and despite numerous rotations, the onslaught never ended. The Knights held firm for 14 minutes until Lea Peacock’s h ...

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Golden Eagles Take Down Shasta Men’s Soccer in Tense Encounter

By Patrick Carr On October 9th, the Shasta Men’s soccer team played host to the Feather River Golden Eagles and their talented roster that included five players from the United Kingdom. The game started even but took a bad turn for the Knights in the 6th minute of play when a Golden Eagle free kick was mishandled by goalkeeper Zach Golden and dropped for a Golden Eagle to cross to his teammate, who was blat ...

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