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The Quick Cure for Writing Headaches: The Shasta College Writing Center

Richard Woulfe Shasta College Lance In the recent re-accreditation of Shasta College, accreditation evaluators were generous in their praise of the colleges’ student support services. In particular, they were especially impressed with SC’s Writing Center. Located on the bottom floor of the 700 building, the Writing Center has become a real hub on campus, with students flocking to the center at all hours of ...

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Stressed Out: a review

by Shannon Koga Shasta College has a multitude of Student Success Workshops, all focusing on the most basic computer skills to tips and tricks to improving both your academic and personal lives. One such workshop is the Stress Reduction workshop, run by communications professor Crystal Hilton. The workshop begins by identifying stress. It’s unique to every individual—some people receive bodily tension, migr ...

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Hidden Heroes: Athletic Trainers

[caption id="attachment_1705" align="alignnone" width="300"] photo from[/caption] By Matt Brockman It’s a well-known fact that us as Americans love sports; we thrive on the competition, and competition is what motivates us to be better than what we were before. It’s also widely known that most sports have a very serious injury rate. Who do the athletes go to when they get hurt? When someth ...

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Korea: Seoul is a living being

Seoul is a living being. No longer to me is it just a name on a map, but it is a bustling, vibrant, and breathing being. It survives without sleep, with people who go to work all day, diligent and dedicated, and then there are those who are equally dedicated to taking advantage of the pulsing nightlife.   I have had the opportunity to spend the weekend in Seoul, and we will actually be returning there ...

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Spotlight on Veterans

Spotlight on Veterans By Shannon Koga     The Veteran’s Club at Shasta College provides an honorable and charitable service to its students. We interviewed one of its contributing members. Ernesto Jose Perez Jr.   Ernesto Perez Jr. served in the Navy as a ship serviceman and Master at Arms. He says, “I’ve been all over the world. I’ve been to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, England. My ...

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Madrigal and Victorian Dinners

TheLanceOnline - Campus Services Student Health and Wellness Services Written by Dominic Mallari   Every year, Shasta and Enterprise High Schools bring the holiday spirit to Redding with their musical dinner-and-shows, the Madrigal Dinner, and the Victorian Dinner. Both bring guests back in time to a banquet during the Elizabethan and Victorian eras, respectively, where they are entertained and served ...

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Student Health and Wellness Services

by Dominic Mallari "The mission of the Student Health and Wellness Office is to offer holistic mental and physical health services that contribute to student retention and promote lifelong well-being." If you are ever in need of treatment for small injuries, maladies, or psychological issues, you can get the help from Student Health and Wellness Services of Shasta College. Here, students and faculty can obt ...

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