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Guide Dogs for the Blind

With Fall of 2013 RN ClassGoldie is a Guide who was raised by Shasta College ADN Nursing Instructor Charles Doherty and his wife Marla. Goldie often accompanied Doherty to work at the Health Sciences Building downtown, learning basic etiquette of being a working Guide. Doherty credits the faculty, staff, and especially his nursing students with helping Goldie prepare for her career as a Guide.
Goldie’s partner is now 18-yr-old Jonathon McCarty from Louisville, Kentucky. McCarty begins community college this fall in Louisville. In high school, he competed in swimming and wrestling in the Paralympics, winning a medal in wrestling. During college, he plans to coach swimming and wrestling and continue working as an internet radio sports announcer.
According to McCarty, while he and Goldie were training one day, crossing a busy city street, a car illegally cut a tight turn in front of the pair. Goldie immediately intervened by blocking McCarty, stopping him as she had been trained to do. “She was protecting me,” McCarty said. “When we got safely across the street and it was all over, she started wagging and wiggling like crazy. She knew she’d done something good and was asking, ‘Do I get a kibble?’”
McCarty sounded delighted when he told the Doherty’s that the Guide Dogs for the Blind trainers said, “Goldie is going to be a chick magnet.”
When asked why he decided to get a Guide, McCarty said he would feel more confident when traveling. Also, “When people see a white cane, they shy away from you…, but when you have a dog, they want to talk.”
Doherty said, “It was hard to say good-bye to her again, but seeing Goldie leading Jon and hearing how she’d already protected him from one near-miss reminded me that it is more important for her to be with him.”

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