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It’s that time of year again to celebrate what was once a day to ward off evil but is now a fun filled day with monsters, pumpkins, and so much candy! Yes, Halloween was last week but what a huge success it was at the school! People dressed in costume, danced to thriller and Time Warp as the students laughed and cheered on. There were booths from every club there giving out information and playing games; such as, guessing how many candies are in jars and trivia questions about the college for candy. Clubs, from Student Senate to the Ag and Natural Resources Club, were asked about how they feel about Shasta College celebrating Halloween and student Berenice Estrada, who was dressed as Pocahontas, responded “It’s  pretty cool because it [encourages] students to be more active and participate in clubs.” Also, students can get more of a college experience than just lectures.” She added, “When there are special events going on, it makes it fun to come to school!”

The crowd cheered as a group of Apocalyptic Warriors danced in their amazingly detailed, homemade warrior outfits. The costume contest was the favorite, according to the screaming crowd, as monsters and characters took the stage. From Minions to Cool-Aid man, this contest had a wide variety of costumes the audience loved. However, this year’s lucky contest winners were two adorable kids dressed as a shark and a dragon. The crowd laughed as the Cool-Aid man huffed and said “Oh no” as he walked off the stage.

There were a lot of creative costumes around the quad, for example student Crystal Heeneyer went as a broken doll. When asked what her favorite part of Halloween is she responded “Everything!”. Crystal later said costumes were her favorite because it was the one year where dressing up as someone else is acceptable. Student Abbie Rust loves seeing everyone’s “creative costumes”. She says that the celebration in the quad is really cool and that not a lot of schools celebrate Halloween as big as Shasta College does. Halloween characters such as Jack the Skeleton stepped up and said that you are never too old to be dressing up or Trick or Treating!

The school quad was filled with students dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. It seemed like everyone was having a blast and talking about their plans for that night. Many students sounded like they were going to parties or handing out candy. Others such as student Berenice Estrada were working, but in a fun way. “We’re handing out candy to little kids” she said. “It’s going to be fun”. As the day winded down, students left with optimism and excitement of what was going on that night. The Student Senate and clubs did an amazing job celebrating Halloween and getting their students together for a fun filled day. Students can’t wait until next year’s Halloween Club Kick-off!


By Maytal Espino

Photos by Maytal Espino

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