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Harvest Festival: 2013


Picture provided by: Peter Griggs

By Shannon Koga


Harvest Fest is a great success.

When first walking into the barn, it’s like being swallowed up into a perpetual sea of twinkling lights, haystacks, and fantastic-smelling food. The objects in the silent auction line the back wall in stalls, showcasing  items like decorative art (courtesy of the welding club), a gluten-free food basket (gotta love the inclusivity), and gourmet cooking sauces.  Festive country music blares from the radio, and the talented band “Northern Traditions” owns the stage later in the night. Outside, horse-driven hayrides take passengers around the farm.

The annual Harvest Festival fundraises money for the agriculture department, for things such as projects and farm equipment. It’s entirely operated, catered, and set-up by Shasta College students and employees. Their hard work pays off; though, the live auction brings in bids for hand-crafted stools and a luxurious two-night inn stay, to name a few. Not to mention two Border Collie puppies (here’s hoping they went to a good home).

When interviewed, everyone seemed to come to the same conclusion: the food is fantastic, and the event was one to talk about.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Leimone Waite says. Don’t just take her word for it. Harvest Fest 2014 is sure to be just as exciting.


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