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Have an Advertisement?

Is there a function you would like to promote? Maybe it’s a cause, perhaps a movement, or a soiree. Several places are available on campus for students to post a handbill. Student services run these hubs of advertising and frequently post publications of upcoming events and classes. Visiting these places can keep one informed on campus events and trends, as well as find items and services posted for sale.


Have you noticed that hexagonal kiosk located in the quad across from the flagpole? It takes the shape of a six sided pyramid atop a hexagonal prism and stands about 10 feet in height; a bulletin board lines each of the six sides of the prism. This kiosk is open to the public for anyone to post their handbill; ads, flyers, and business cards adorn this geometric structure, fluttering as the wind blows.


In addition to the hexagon; there are bulletin boards within campus hallways where ads which meet specific guidelines can be posted. The benefit of these boards lies within the increased visibility of the message. Often times students will wait in the hall before class and people mingle in the hall all the time; making the hallway a great spot for advertising.

If you would like to promote your message on a hallway bulletin board(s), stop on by the student services desk in room 2308 to pick up the set of guidelines. Handbills posted which are not approved by the Student Services desk will be removed. The kiosk and bulletin boards are run and maintained by student services. Whether you are looking for an item for sale or are curious about campus events these are places to visit.


By Elias Nesser

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