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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: The Christmas Fair on the College Farm



It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas: The Christmas Fair on the College Farm

By Elizabeth Henry




Two Friday’s ago, it snowed in Redding—and it snowed a lot. It was a Christmas miracle! And it could not have come at a better time. Saturday, December 7, hundreds of people came to the Shasta College farm to purchase a tree and hit up the annual Christmas fair in the warehouse hosted by the Agricultural Leaders and Natural Resource Club at Shasta College.




I spoke with one of the presidents of the club, Derek Minch. He informed me that last year, they ordered 750 trees and sold out in two weeks. So this year, they were prepared and ordered 1000 from a farm in Oregon. Another student in the agricultural program excitedly shared with me that the profits go towards bettering the farm at Shasta College.




The snow blanketed the earth, and Shasta College’s farm was transformed into a winter wonderland. I took a sleigh ride through the snowy fields in a sleigh wagon pulled by horses and decked with jingle bells. In the warehouse, there were several tables with items for sale; each table was hosted by a different Shasta College club. The Welding Club had a table set up with items welded by students for sale. The Business Leadership Club sold jars filled with peppermint hot chocolate mix and chocolate chip cookie mix. The best part was you could sample the finished product before you bought their items. My peppermint hot chocolate sample couldn’t have come at a better time, as I had just stepped off the horse drawn wagon ride through the snow.




It was a family-friendly event. Santa Claus made an appearance. There was a giant bounce house. There was a petting zoo. I got to feed a sheep, a cow, and a goat. There were small bags of oats provided, free of charge. During my time in the petting zoo, I had the unique privilege of meeting a man by the name of Mel. I noticed his jacket was adorned with badges, and I asked him what they represented. He informed me that December 7th is the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing, and that he was there when it happened, serving in the Navy. He had come to the event at Shasta College straight from his annual reunion. After he shared his story, his choice to wear a Hawaiian shirt on a cold, wintery day made perfect sense (see photo below).




After all of the fun festivities, I left with my own tree. It is about three feet tall, and it was only twenty dollars—which is in my budget. It was a beautiful and joyous event. Everybody was in high spirits. Families came and enjoyed the festivities together and then got to take home a fresh Christmas tree. Now that is the way to buy a tree.












Photos w/captions:




Mel, survivor of Pearl Harbor bombing in World War II, feeds the sheep and the goat






A child feeds the cow oats at the petting zoo






Sleigh ride through the snow






Shotgun shell Christmas lights for sale



horsedrawnwagon shot gun lights pettingzoocow pettingzoomelchristmastreelot

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