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Most Romantic Night of the Year?

By Shannon Koga and Maytal Espino

Mention the words “Valentine’s Day” to anyone, and you’re bound to hear the same responses. It’s either the most romantic day of the year or the most depressing.

Couples drift about with roses and chocolates, holding hands and taking in the night. Singles curl up on their couch with a half-empty jug of Rocky Road and their cat clawing their jeans. Blame it on the greeting card industry—they sure know how to turn a historical massacre in the 1920’s into an annual goldmine.

But, no matter your opinion on Valentine’s Day, remember the great days of elementary school? Metallic and 3D greeting cards with Scooby Doo and smiley faces and hearts arrived in a box just for you. Candy, too.

Here at Shasta College, the tradition has been left behind in those sticky public schools to be passed on to more kids. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisence. When asked about Valentine’s Day, several students had some good memories to share:

Tiffany, when asked what her best V-Day was comprised of, states, “This guy I dated was a musician so he took me to this room decorated with lights and he played me a song.”

Maybe romance isn’t dead after all.

Tiffany’s favorite card she got as a kid? “The cards that came with those heart shaped lollipops!” she says, “Those were so cute.”

JT has some other opinions, “Probably the Sponge Bob ones, those were awesome.”

Bear says, “In class we always made our own Valentine’s Day cards. I like those.” When asked about his past V-Days, he recalls a special one, “My ex-girlfriend broke up with me three days before Valentine’s Day. But it was the best…cause I ate all the chocolate I bought her.”

No matter your opinion on that arrow-happy cherub Cupid, or expressing love through paper hearts and twinkle lights, it’s good to know that no matter how you celebrate a holiday, it’ll never compare to the third grade version.

And that in itself, is very beautiful.

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