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Nanowrimo wha…?

Happy November Shasta! We have all heard of the famous “No-Shave-November,” but how many of you have heard of the “National Novel Writing Month”? Well, Nanowrimo (the abbreviation of National Novel Writing Month) comes once a year and here once again for the month of November. Thousands of people participate in this celebration of writing, including some of our very own Knights. Among some of the students are Annamarie Callahan, myself and Writing Club president, Sarah Bleeker. (Each a member of the Shasta College Writing Club)

Sarah explains what Nanowrimo is by saying, “essentially the goal is write 50,000 words, which is about the typical length of a novel. So that’s basically writing around 1,600 words a day.” Wow! Sounds like a lot right? However, Sarah also describes the experience as, “something writers can look forward to. It’s a good way for writers to blow off steam and just write for a month.” The cool part is that if you complete all 50,000 words you get to officially call yourself a novelist. The title is sort of the “prize” for the word count completion. To an outside party that might not sound like much, but to a writer it is a huge step and very valuable.

There’s lots to check out on the website, ( where an entire community of writers are congregated in celebration of another November. Good luck to all those out there attempting to write their novel in a month! Be sure to root on our very own Knights who are taking part in this challenge. We can do it!

By Marissa Anderson


ink nanowrimo2 photo    Photo By: Marissa Anderson

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