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Shasta College Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Shasta College celebrated the 22nd annual Cinco De Mayo, with a festival on the campus quad. A mixed crowd of students and county residents came out to enjoy the festival, which was held May 2nd. The event started at 11 a.m. the sounds of Latin music could be heard throughout the campus.

There were several activities and booths to keep the crowd occupied. Lending support to the event was “Shasta Women’s Health Specialists” and “Shasta County Citizens”. The two organizations were on hand to bring awareness to their causes and promote unity.

Other activities included games such as a ball in a cup contest and a piñata for the children of Shasta’s Head start program. The goal of the head start program is to “get kids ready for Kindergarten and develop social skills.”

The wafting smells of tamales, beans, rice, chips and salsa made the food booth a must. For just five dollars anyone could enjoy all the tasty dishes of Latin America. Mr. Yates, a faculty member, had this to say about the food: “the rice salsa, guacamole are delicious. The flavors are very complimentary”.

The Cinco De Mayo event also featured Latin dancers and Zumba lessons, giving the audience and chance to participate in the dancing. The event carried on until 2 p.m.  The turnout crowd was just under two hundred people.

By Chris Heasley

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