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Welcome the New Fall 2016 Editor of The Lance!

Deonna Marie Ferreira was first introduced to The Lance by Marissa Anderson, the current Editor-in-Chief. Finishing up her first year at Shasta College, she is currently pursuing a career in law. She plans on completing her General Education at Shasta before moving on to a UC. When she transfers she hopes to earn a Bachelors of Science degree before applying to prestigious law schools. In her spare time, sh ...

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Shasta College Agriculture Department

BY ASHLEY MCFARLANE Many of us drive past the Shasta College Farm daily, but it passes by the window unnoticed, our eyes instead focused on picking out an empty spot in the parking lot opposite. Sure, there is a herd of cattle grazing between the eastern and southern lots, but they are just there for decoration, right? A pastoral scene for your viewing, and smelling, pleasure. However, the Farm, as well as  ...

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UC President Janet Napolitano To Speak At Shasta College REDDING, CA –

Janet Napolitano, current President of the University of California system, will speak at the Shasta College Theatre, April 29, 2016 at 12 Noon. Ms. Napolitano will be the next guest speaker of The Community Speaker Series, a joint effort by The Shasta College Foundation & The McConnell Foundation. Napolitano will speak about sustainable agriculture and educational transfer options, and she will take qu ...

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Undocumented Students in the U.S. Education System

WRITTEN BY BEAU ANDERSEN   Our great country, the United States of America has stood as a symbol of hope to foreign people for over two hundred years. America’s heart inspires every man, woman, and child to dream for a little more. It contains the very birthplace and foundation from whence this country rose, and it has been a reminder to people all across the world that hard work, coupled with a deep d ...

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A Public Issue of Student Homelessness

WRITTEN BY TRACY JONES   When you think of transients or the homeless you don’t typically think of a college student do you?  But here at our very own Shasta College, this is currently a reality for many students.  Throughout my time here at Shasta I meet far too many students that are couch surfing, living at the shelter, or even flat out living at the camps that are all around Redding.  Why is this h ...

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College Connections

WRITTEN BY MADDIE COOK You see them, they look just like you, but there’s something a little off. Maybe they’re a little too young or a little too studious. Or, maybe, they’re just College Connection students. For years, juniors from a multitude of local high schools have applied to College Connection in the hopes of spending their senior year of high school as a college student here at Shasta. 21 years ago ...

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CAL FIRE Station 73 – Shasta College

WRITTEN BY BEAU ANDERSEN Cal Fires Fire Station 73 is one of the most predominant features on Shasta College’s campus, and one of the most distinguished for the work they do in Northern California. Their jurisdictional range extends into the far regions of Jones Valley, Bella Vista, Lakehead and the outskirts of the Shasta College campus. However, where the brave men and women of Fire Station 73 most often ...

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