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Teacher Feature: Kevin Fox

Written by Dominic Mallari

Teacher Feature: Kevin Fox

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Although neither of his parents had degrees, Mr. Fox’s family really valued education. Even at a young age, he understood the importance of going to school and doing well in his classes.

“Education liberates us all, frees us all. I think it makes us truly equal in the society, education empowers us. Math education has been a ‘gateway course.’ In order to access the best jobs, highest pay, and the technical jobs, really to be professional in this world of information, mathematics education is absolutely crucial for success. Unfortunately, it has been a closed door for many people for a long time.”

Mr. Fox attended Junction School, and next Enterprise High School, where he took advanced classes and tutored classmates. When he came to Shasta College, he originally intended to be a business major, but later changed his major to math, a subject that he found more intellectually challenging and exciting.

“I felt I really needed to be passionate about what I wanted to do, and I had no idea at that point that I was going to be a teacher, but I admired professors here at the community college that I had in math. I think they really helped to inspire me to follow this career.”

Ultimately, he was accepted into Sacramento State, and he became the first one in his entire family to earn a degree. He received his BA in Applied Mathematics and Statistics in 1988 and his MA in Pure Mathematics in 1993. Afterwards, while living in Sacramento for three years, he taught at three community colleges: Butte, Sacramento, and Solano in Fairfield. He then moved to Redding, and taught part time at Shasta College in the evenings, and worked at a civil engineering firm in the day.

Although he didn’t have a teaching credential at the time, he got a full time teaching job at Mercy High School in Red Bluff for two years, and then went to teach at Foothill High School, during which he earned his credential. Finally, in 2002, after having applied at Shasta College three times, he was hired as a full time teacher here, where he now teaches Technical Applications of Mathematics (MATH-100), Intermediate Algebra (MATH-102), Essential Math (MATH-110), College Algebra (MATH-13), Introduction to Statistics (MATH-14), Calculus 3B (MATH-3B), or Survey of Calculus (MATH-9).

When asked what he likes about teaching, Mr. Fox replied, “I enjoy mathematics. Part of teaching is also learning, not just about how the students react to certain kinds of problems or how they do [in the class], but also learning how to be a better teacher, and learning about how you think and how they think about problems. So teaching is learning. It’s one of my favorite things.” Mr. Fox also likes the social interaction with students, as well as how he has much autonomy in his job, since he is free to choose how he teaches the curriculum.

Kevin Fox has been married to his wife, Ginger, for 27 years, and they have two daughters, Charity and Grace, and one son, Kenneth. They also keep four dachshunds. When he is not teaching mathematics, Mr. Fox enjoys cycling and rowing, as well as rebuilding car engines and playing the acoustic guitar. Furthermore, he coaches his son’s eighth grade basketball team, a task he also considers to be teaching.

“[Teaching] pays decent, but it’s an awesome job. It’s full of intrinsic rewards. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”Kevin Fox

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