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The Artists Among Us: Tawny J. Goodwine & Tamara Murphy

 written by Jasmine Malone


1.    How and when did you get involved in art?


I have been making various forms of art since I was a child. It started with drawing and stop motion videos my brother and I would make. Into my teens I focused on painting and various forms of sculpture, generally involving the human figure or landscapes. My main introduction into photography was in 2010 in Shasta College’s darkroom course.


2.    What inspired this collection?


As with most pieces I make, the result was reached intuitively. When the photos were taken, I had no plan for their use. I simply wanted to capture a sensation I found in the scene. It was on a whim after color editing and printing the photos that I was inspired to mount them with the string detailing. I was inspired to play with the impact I could make through combining medias, embracing negative space and fusing geometric and organic shapes.


3.    Was the string method a technique that you learned somewhere or did you just try something to see what would happen?


I came across the string method building an extra large yarn installation version on the walls in my room.


4.    How did Shasta College help your artistic abilities?


The art department has offered me talented professors and great facilities. In general I love working alongside other artists. It inspires and pushes me to test my boundaries and reexamine my perspective. The teachers have supported me in and outside the college to pursue my art.


5.    Do you have any modern or classic artistic inspirations?


My biggest modern inspirations lately have been Neil Krug and Yung Cheng Lin. I am not too versed in the classic arts, but I love Egon Schiele and old religious art from around the world- specifically with the iconography of halos


6.    Are you studying or practicing art elsewhere?


I am currently working on my general ed. through Shasta College Online. I’ve just started working at a ski resort in Utah. I have brought my camera and plan to embrace the beauty of these mountains with new photo adventures.


7.    As a photographer and artists in general, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Or, what would you like to do in the next five years that is related to your art?


I am not too specific as to where I want to go with my art in the future. Within the next five years I hope to gain confidence in my ability to photograph people and give direction to models. I hope to use photography as a means to explore both internally and externally. This could potentially manifest in time spent on farms and other related experiences to continue working on my people and food series or looking into photography internships to expand my abilities.


8.    What’s next for you? Where can we view some of your work?


I have been working on an ongoing project photographing people with food. It is an attempt to tie together my interest in nutrition and the food industry with my fascination with people and fashion editorial/fine art photography. My work can be seen at and I have been working to build my Instagram portfolio: yerbamatey


If you are interested in purchasing a piece by Murphy, she can breach through email at


Stop by the lounge to see to experience the work of these two talented artists, which will only be around until December 16th!

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