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The Health Center

Written and photographed by Jenny Brewer


The joys of the changing season of fall at Shasta College include lovely rainy days and the crunch of leaves while walking to class. However, as the Starks would warn, “Winter is coming.”

Chilly wintertime brings along the-oh-so-dreadful common cold. Every student can attest to the embarrassment of hacking up a lung during lecture or blowing loudly into a tissue in the quiet hallways.

But thankfully, Shasta College has a well-trained professional staff at the Student Health and Wellness Center. Conveniently located in room 2020, in the same building as the cafeteria.

At the time of registration, students pay a “student health fee.” This one-time fee covers an array of services, from first aid to short-term clinical counseling.

In the waiting room, there is a handy jar of free cough drops for those students who wish to suppress that awful cough during class. Not to mention the bountiful basket of condoms.


Debbie Goodman, a registered nurse who holds a master of science in nursing and has worked at the health center since 1996, expressed her concern for my own cough during the interview. I would have had an easier first week of the semester if only I had known about that jar!

The health center not only provides care but also offers information on prevention. Goodman described the health center as a place of education as well as healthcare, expressing, “This is just as much a learning environment as your classroom is.”

The webpage is linked to the Shasta College website and includes a thorough PowerPoint detailing the services offered, along with health tips and information on better self-care.

Goodman pointed out the importance of the being aware of the dangers of the overuse of acetaminophen (Tylenol), explaining that the new daily dose recommendation has been reduced from four to three grams. According to Goodman, taking too much acetaminophen can quickly damage the liver.


Small doses are okay, and a wide variety of over-the-counter medicines are available to students free of charge.

Students are also offered additional services for a small fee. The center encourages students to be health-conscious and to  “know your numbers;” a cholesterol and blood sugar screening is provided for only $20.

Whether a tuberculosis (TB) test is needed or simply a Band-Aid, the Student Health and Wellness Center is a vital resource for Shasta College students.






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