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The Knights Joust Back

by Shannon Koga

March 13th, Shasta College students went about their day normally, slapping vending machines, powering through note-taking, and rushing to their classes. But in the quad, an impenetrable bubble formed, locking all who dared to enter in a time-travelling vortex straight to Medieval Times.

And man, was it authentic.

The SCA—Society for Creative Anachronism Club—joined forces with the off-campus community, Bestwood Shire, to host a little festival of hand-crafted medieval art, calligraphy, armor, and jewelry. The SCA’s mission statement, to approach activities and culture of the 17th century, was wholly embraced.

Women from the Bestwood Shire were busy at work with weaving and knitting pieces for costumes. One woman even explained the process of weaving, explaining heartily, “It only took an hour to learn.” For such a complex art, it’s hard not to be impressed. Her friend wore an authentic medieval hat worth $10,000.

Ilia, president of the SCA, explained what kind of activities are offered at their events. They will be camping and hosting a tournament on the weekend of the 23rd, filled with learning workshops like belly dancing, archery, sewing, and something impressively called “armor-fighting.”

So if you’ve been harboring a secret medieval weaponry obsession (who isn’t?) contact the SCA for more information about their clubs and event s:


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