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The Library: That’s What’s Up

Photo Credit: Emily Warren


Story by Jenny Brewer.


Let me introduce you to a very valuable resource for the Shasta College student: The library.

You could call me a regular at the Shasta College library. The computer lab is where this very article was written. It becomes a place to focus, far away from the distracting chaos of the local coffee shop or busy home.

It’s easy to get work done here. I find a rhythm amongst fellow students as they type away. Printing is inexpensive, at just 10 cents for black and white prints. Students can conveniently print from their laptop and use copy machines. Plus, unfinished work can be saved until the end of the day on the student drive.

When the computers cease to be useful it is easy to wander the aisles of the library. The surrounding dusty pages give out comfort only libraries can provide.  It is easy to become inspired in the studious atmosphere. Neat secluded study spots literally lie within the shelves, creating an awesomely sweet work space.

Likewise, study rooms are offered to students wanting a small group learning environment. Not to mention The Balcony is now open for student use. Why sit cooped up inside when you can breathe the fresh air on The Balcony? Located upstairs, The Balcony offers sublime views and a cool place to study.

Students can also make suggestions; one recently granted was the new array of graphic novels. Graphic novels help bridge the gap in literature. Text is combined to be written and visual.


For visual inspiration, artwork is beautifully displayed throughout the library. Currently, 3D artwork from instructor Belinda Hanson’s Art15 class is sitting atop desks provoking the thoughts of students.

A feature called “Creative Destruction” is presently decorating the walls upstairs. Students from Art21B were provoked to celebrate the process of creating art, rather than only focusing on the finished project. March artwork features ceramic and glass blown pieces from the Art 35 and Art 46 classes.

If there are any questions to be asked, chat with a librarian! A feature that Shasta College Library offers includes students being able to directly talk to a librarian via a message style service, located on the Shasta College website.

If you prefer face to face interaction, the library staff is phenomenal. While gathering the research for this article the Reference Librarian, Carolyn Singh was eager to assist me with any questions I had. Singh remained cheerfully patient while I desperately tried to take notes fast enough.

The bottom line is, the Shasta College library is where it’s at.  Not to mention, obtaining a library card is FREE! And new extended book loaning is now available.

(Photos below taken by Jenny Brewer)




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