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The Tassel is Worth the Hassle

By Jenny Brewer


Graduation is a feat. A hard earned moment when it finally all seems worthwhile. Suddenly the stress of the first milestone has passed and the moment of celebration is present!


On the evening of May 23, at 7pm The Shasta College Memorial Stadium Football Field will be filled with the accomplished graduates and proud family and friends of Shasta College’s Class of 2014.


The event is expected to be a “full house” as Tina Duenas, Student Services Coordinator put it. Every year about 400-500 student’s graduate rain or shine. Following the commencement, a reception will be held in which music and goodies will be provided.


470 Shasta College graduates will be commemorated this year. 207 of those students will graduate with honors; earning a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above.  Brandon Thomas, a 2014

Honor graduate is very excited, he reminisced about hard times as we interviewed; recalling high pressure semesters. Many graduate students can relate to late night study sessions and sometimes utter frustration due to the stresses of college. Not to mention the poor economy Class of 2014 has particularly experienced.

In the end, Brandon Thomas’s hard work and dedication landed him a job as an ER technician.


The keynote speaker of the night is author and comedian Richard Pimentel. He specializes in motivational speaking and has done tremendous amounts for Disability employment. Dr. Pimentel’s wit and humor has been known to be memorable and insightful.


Succeeding last year’s tradition, a gown donation station will be available during the reception. Shasta College wishes all students the opportunity to attend graduation, despite financial hardships.      Donating a gown after the ceremony can provide a much needed financial relief for future graduate students.

Who really uses those unflattering gowns after graduation anyways? It’s the tassel we all want to hang from our review mirror, isn’t it?


Class of 2014, Congratulations! Your hard work is truly admired. There is no doubt the night will be extraordinary. Relish the evening graduate students, and continue striving toward your goals!


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