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The Victorious Knights

            In the game proceeding Shasta’s homecoming game scheduled for Saturday October 26th, the Knights bring everything they’ve got in their match against the Los Medanos Mustangs last Saturday evening on October 19th 2013. Several touchdowns were scored throughout the night by the Knights and with additional scores, giving a total of 52 points, at the final buzzer, to the opponent’s 32 points. The first touchdown of the evening being scored by Terrell Howard, also known as Jersey-Number-24. This was immediately followed by two more touchdowns scored by Dylan Desmarais, Jersey-Number-9, all in the first quarter.

Two yellow cards were given to Shasta, during the second quarter, on the account of some unsportsmanlike behavior towards some of the Mustangs. At one point a small brawl was even broken up on the field. Nevertheless the team rallied together and whether standing in the long array of players along the sidelines or on the field every player played an active role in keeping the game going.

The players made sure to take a knee when two players, one from each team, were injured later on in the fourth quarter with 2:53 minutes left on the clock. The crowd gave supporting applause to both player #95 and #24 as the got back up on their feet and returned to their teamsDSCN0056 DSCN0130 DSCN0164 DSCN0170 DSCN0464 DSCN0570.

The game concluded with the final six seconds on the clock in a standstill, so the game was called and Shasta took the victory. Both teams lined up and respectfully shook each other’s hand, calling it a good game. Way to go Shasta! Keep those victories coming for the homecoming game. Proud to be a Knight!

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