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Your vote, Your Choice

by Jenny Brewer

The time to place your vote has come to Shasta College! On April 29th, and 30th, Shasta College students will be able to place their ballot for student senate. The Informational Booth in the cafeteria will be designated for votes; as well as polling sites available at extended educational sites.

Why does it matter? Well Student Senate exists to serve the voice of students. It thrives to improve student access, and better promote student success. It allows for students to empower leadership qualities and encourage engagement. Student government most importantly provides a link to students. So, who doesn’t want to be a part of positive change?

Voting is important and students are our future leaders. Shasta College is a natural place to seek information and become politically aware. Yet, often students have difficulties or apprehensions that keep them from voting.

According to, in 2008 21% of young voters ages 18-25 said they did not vote due to missing the registration deadline. Thirteen percent of students admitted to not voting because of lack of interest. Knowing where to register and vote is also a problem, to find local polling sites visit,

What results from choosing not to vote is becoming unrepresented in elections. If the majority of young voters aren’t speaking than our opinion is just not being heard. According to the Shasta County voter registration statistics, young voters ages 18-20 totaled to roughly 2,000, whereas voters age 30-55 amount to nearly 38,000 local votes. The local statistics are astonishing, and they provide evidence as to who are making the decisions.

In short, the student’s voice is important for the college and the community. This is your college your community, so voice your opinions and concerns!

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